Tentsquare Becomes Latest Crowdsourcing Option - Bloody Disgusting!

Tentsquare Becomes Latest Crowdsourcing Option


While I used to be a crowdsourcing grinch, I’ve since turned around and have become quite the fan of the new funding networks.

Deadline reports on a new option for those of you aspiring filmmakers – debuting in time for SXSW is Tentsquare, created by Modernciné and Modern Distributors CEO and filmmaker Andrew van den Houten (The Woman, All Cheerleaders Die, Jug Face).

Tentsquare is a new web platform that integrates a social networking element in the making of short and feature-length film projects in what van den Houten describes as a digital production studio.

He’s recruited fellow indie filmmakers including the McManus Brothers (2012 SXSW Official Selection Film, Funeral Kings) and Jeffrey Reddick (the Final Destination franchise) to the budding platform, in which members can track and interact with each other via the Tentsquare network and, in theory, contribute input into story, character development, and casting of Tentsquare projects.

Users also can submit themselves as directors, screenwriters, actors, and cinematographers, with fellow members and a panel of expert judges voting on who gets selected to work on the company’s films.

The platform officially launches this week at SXSW, where Tentsquare will have a presence signing up new members. Tentsquare’s first project launches March 9, and members will be able to vote on the film’s screenplay development and searches for a director, DP, and actors.

  • Raven1417

    Could be an interesting game-changer. Might help the low-budget film makers source better actors and such…well at least that’s how I hope it goes. Kinda sick of nearly every low budget horror using Jersey Shore and soapie rejects as their cast.