Advance Review: “Art Monster” # 2 - Bloody Disgusting!

Advance Review: “Art Monster” # 2


“Art Monster” #2 beautifully deals with the nature of the struggling artist who wants to say something valid, but who’s mind can’t decide what that thing is. Holt grounds this struggle in drunkenness. Victor embraces disorder and lets his mind wander. In a moment of desperation and clarity Victor finds the inspiration he needs: death.

WRITTEN BY: Jeremy Holt
ART BY: Francesa Ciregia
PUBLISHER: Monkeybrain Comics
PRICE: $0.99

Perfection, belonging, expectations, pride, and shame are just some of the things facing an artist who’s stuck between creations. Victor succumbs to a volatile mix of it all. He’s lost without passion, in between the projects desperately searching for something that invigorates him. That thing that fills him with a certain electricity to create but he can’t find it. At least not until he’s laying face up on the floor regurgitating his alcohol.

If issue one was about being lost, then issue two is about finding the spark. Grabbing an idea and holding on as it carries you into a dark and unfamiliar place. Victor has found his reflex. His reason to create, and he’s better for it. His relationships have a new charm to them. His posture has straightened and he’s on a mission. He’s even found a partner who looks invested in his dark and provocative vision.

Ciregia does a great job at adjusting the art in tune with Victor’s character. The first chunk of the issue has Victor lost in darkness. The panels are drenched in heavy contrast that almost envelops Victor in every panel. When he has his shift of inspiration, the art makes a bright and inviting change. Victor has a new posture, the panels embrace white space and the book gives you room to breath.

The issue is briskly paced like the process that inspires it. You get whisked away on Victor’s newfound enthusiasm. Even if its not quite clear what he’s up to just yet. However, the vision is there. He has an idea and it is empowering him. He has something to say, and better yet he has something to prove. He’s about to make an argument, and as we’ve seen from the last issue he can be a pretty argumentative guy.

His next move is unpredictable to a point. We’re given a beautiful tease of Victor’s descent into artistic madness, and it seems he’s got just the right person in his corner to help. Although he doesn’t recognize that good art will destroy just as it will create. It seems he’s about to cut a path through his school that people won’t soon forget.

If you’ve ever been a struggling artist you’ll find much solace in “Art Monster” and if you just like good horror, you’ll find plenty of that here too.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls.