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Devin Townsend Posts Incredible “Willy Wanka” Medley

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Devin Townsend. The man is not only a genius songwriter and a brilliant guitar player but he’s also one of the nicest and most genuine guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing. He’s really something out of this world and the day that he stops making music is going to be a truly devastating day for the industry.

But let’s not think morosely here, shall we? Instead, let’s celebrate just how awesome Townsend is with a new video that was posted by EMGpickupsTV that shows the crazed musician playing through a nearly 11 minute medley entitled “Willy Wanka”. It’s super enjoyable to watch simply because of how dynamic the piece is. It goes from ambient beauty with lush reverbs and spacious delays to crunchy distorted madness and back again. And what’s even better is that it’s 100% obvious how much Townsend is enjoying himself. He performs for the camera, he smiles along with the music, he not only taps his feet but moves his whole body to the music. This is a man who has given himself entirely into what he does and it’s inspiring.

Go on below. Give it a watch. If you haven’t checked out Devin and his work before, let today be the start of an amazing journey for you.



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