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‘SOMA’ Is Mostly Playable, Now A Week Away From Alpha

Following the reveal of a brand new teaser for Frictional’s upcoming survival horror game SOMA, creative director Thomas Grip took to the PlayStation Blog to shed some light on the project’s status. It seems as if everything is going well for it so far, with over half of the game’s planned eight hour campaign now playable.

The project is about a week away from entering alpha.

“It’s important that SOMA is constantly drenching the player in storytelling,” Grip wrote. “We need to make sure there is always a red thread of narrative running through the game. We don’t want you to say ‘Oh, here comes a puzzle section,’ but to constantly feel as if you are being told an interactive story. Getting this right is tricky as there still needs to be some challenge in progressing, but not so much that solving a difficult puzzle becomes your sole focus. Now that we’re close to alpha it’s possible for us to test this and tweak where needed.”

SOMA made our list of 2015’s most exciting horror games, so it’s good to hear that development is running smoothly.

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