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Trailer Premiere for ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’!

Meet the residents of Sin City…

TWC-Dimension has released the first official trailer for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, targeted for theaters on August 22, 2014.

The footage introduces the massive cast of characters, including Jessica Alba as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny, and Mickey Rourke as Marv.

Bruce Willis, Juno Temple, Jaime King, Rosario Dawson, Michael Madsen, Jamie Chung, Dennis Haysbert, Crystal McCahill, Christopher Meloni, Josh Brolin, Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Julia Garner, Eva Green and Stacy Keach also star.

The film is about Dwight McCarthy planing to have his vengeance against the woman who betrayed him, Ava Lord, while Nancy is trying to cope with Hartigan’s death.



  • part6productions

    HOLY CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! Been waiting 9 years for this….STOKED

  • doomas10

    Interesting but I think the trailers for the first sin city were way cooler. This one seems to try too much. At least that is the feeling I got. Glad to see though Rodriguez doing something else besides the lazy Machete films

    • “Interesting but I think the trailers for the first sin city were way cooler. This one seems to try too much.”

      Agreed! The older Sin City trailers were awesome, but this one has too much of a blah feeling for me, and the long wait has a lot to do with that.

      I’m looking forward to A Dame To Kill For, but I’m not excited about it. I dunno. After all the delays, and the long waits, I almost settled into a “moving on” mindset for not caring about a sequel over the past two or three years.

  • rnem80

    everything looks half as good as the first one, whether it’s the returning actors (looked way hotter in 1st film), the talent assembled, the cinematography, story, etc. only thing I’m really stoked for is Eva Green, that is one talented and gorgeous piece of ass.

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