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‘Resident Evil 6’ Prequel Manga Coming This November

Manga publisher Viz Media has revealed their plans to bring the Resident Evil 6 prequel manga to North America this November. The five-volume series will follow Chris Redfield before the events in the game, when he and his team are sent to a high school in Singapore to investigate and contain a C-Virus outbreak.

At the very least, this should help keep us occupied while we wait for Capcom to return the series to its roots with the next game.

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  • PedJun

    Oh man… I have read the number 1 (in Europe it has alreay been launched – some contries even go in the third book already) and it is not that great. I mean, yeah, it is old school with the virus and stuff, but the plot of the thing… (and yeah, i know it’s a manga, but I’ve found pretty good manga books)
    But well, the best way to judge it is reading the book. 😉

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