‘Stage Fright’ Trailer Gets Green Band Cut

  • crizero

    This movie looks like a weird combination between Camp Rock,Friday the 13th,Phantom of the opera….the poster is stupid and the movie is even worst.

  • EvilHead1981

    I like the retro-80s look of the poster, and the trailer doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. Doesn’t look like it takes itself seriously, and it’s actually nice to see kids in a horror movie setting. Though it was going to focus on some 20/30-something teenagers who stereotypically want nothing more to do than “fuck, get stoned and drunk” and happen to be theater peeps. Prefer something different than the cliche.

    The killer, however, doesn’t look original. I actually thought that they wanted to rip off the look of Billy from the Saw movies. That and I hate slasher villains that try to go all out with either heavily original weapons(I only give credit to Freddy in that regard, as he’s awesome) or “master of all weapons” slashers that pull out bizarre weapons and are seemingly skilled in katanas, kunais and such. Can’t go wrong with a knife, dude. Plain and simple knife gets the job done. Want a little more creativity, drill, ice pick, pick axe, axe and various forms of saws(chainsaw, buzzsaw, handsaw), but don’t go overboard.