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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 125: Mastodon “Curl Of The Burl”

It’s Friday and spring is hopefully right around the corner. I guess that’s why I’m feeling like I need a bit more nature in my life. Y’know, trees that have leaves on them. Grass that I can actually see (damn snow) and walk on. Wildlife not shivering their tails off. That kinda stuff! Then I can walk around without 12 layers of clothing. I can breathe through my nose without the condensation freezing (no joke, that’s happened many times this winter). I can walk around my neighborhood without slipping and breaking my ass at every possible turn.

What I don’t plan on doing is taking nature and sniffing it like a drug. I also don’t plan on taking randomly found mushrooms and using them to turn into a burly, sun-murdering lumberjack. But that’s precisely what Mastodon are up to in their “Curl Of The Burl” music video, which is this week’s “Twisted Music Video Of The Week”!

Head on down to check it out!




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