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Director Watch: ‘Oculus’ Helmer Mike Flanagan Will ‘Dive’ Into the Dead!

Writer-director Mike Flanagan is fucking awesome. The dude has propelled himself into directing stardom after years of television by directing the indie Absentia and absolutely fantastic Oculus, in theaters April 11 via Relativity. What I like about Flanagan is that, unlike a lot of aspiring filmmakers out there, he continued to work – and work hard. His IMDB shows an impressive amount of work, while also finding time to get short films in his schedule – one of which translated into him getting Oculus funded (life lesson, guys!).

I’m truly excited to see him break out, and hope that his next endeavor is as scary as Oculus. Taking cues from Flatliners, Flanagan and Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor Macy are reteaming on the supernatural thriller Diver, setting a summer production start, reports Deadline.

“Diver revolves around a secret project based in New Orleans that involves a team sent to enter the minds of the recently dead to experience their final memories in order to solve the most heinous crimes. When the Divers breach the barrier between the living and the dead, they must contend with the supernatural force they unleash.

Flanagan will direct a script by Diane Ademu-John and Carter Blanchard with revisions by Flanagan and writing partner Jeff Howard. Macy will produce the film, with Marc D. Evans, Asha Kurian, and Julie Wilke also serving in various producing capacities.



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