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Today Marks The 20th Anniversary Of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘The Downward Spiral’

As the headline so eloquently puts it, today marks the 20th anniversary of Nine Inch Nails‘ classic album The Downward Spiral. This album is widely considered the group’s finest release, with such incredible tracks as “Closer”, “Hurt”, and “March Of The Pigs”.

It also featured some notable personnel, including Chris Vrenna (Tweaker, composer of American McGee’s Alice), Adrian Belew (King Crimson), Charlie Clouser (composer of Saw), Danny Lohner (Renholdër), and more.

Upon release the album was a critical success, reaching number two on the US Billboard 200 and going on to achieve multiple platinum status. I personally own the deluxe 2xLP vinyl and it’s a joy to put on.

Let’s celebrate this album by you telling me your favorite Nine Inch Nails song (from any album) in the comments below!



  • Sick_skwerl

    “Gave Up” is my favorite. Plus the video in the Tate murder house is awesome.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    One of my all time favorite albums, been listening to it all day. From TDS Heresy, Reptile, The Downward Spiral and Closer are among my favorite tracks.

  • Voorhees83

    I’ll be taking a shot of whiskey to both albums tonight. I thought they would have mentioned that rumored NIN/Soundgarden tour today, but so far squat.

  • cobrak

    Man, I feel old now. I can’t pick a favorite song but it’s probably something from The Fragile.

  • kittysaymeow

    Fav Album: Pretty Hate Machine
    Fav Songs: Head Like a Hole, Hurt, Closer

  • Laguna

    When I first saw the closer video with that mechanical heart pumping to the beat, I was FLOORED! I actually LOVE the song the perfect drug. Could we call them the BEST industrial band EVER?

  • McGilli

    I miss the days when Trent would release remixes of his own songs. He seems to be content with letting other people doing it the last while…. All the remixes he made from The Fragile and earlier were amazing….

  • Mr.Mirage

    Fave album: the OST for Quake. It was what made the game so unbearably cool from the start. Track? Depends on my mood, but A Warm Place is always at or near the top.

  • DetroitFaninVan

    Song is def a toss up between Gave Up, Wish and after seeing them kill it on their last tour, Somewhat Damaged!

  • scaryjim

    Can’t answer. Honestly I love Closer but the whole second side of that album is such an amazing collage. A warm place, Eraser, The downward Spiral, Reptile, Hurt… The only thing that touches it is the Ghosts album, I’m a sucker for the instrumentals. Also hardware sampling just has a texture that Ableton and other MPS programs can’t recapture (yep ableton user here and first thing I do now is make a load of soft samplers), there’s something about the amount of work and layers. You can hear how much work went into all those layers and as a concept the album is perfect, despite there being lots of different styles it is so coherent, no modern NIN album has fulfilled that criteria for me. I always like a few songs (Hesitation Marks notwithstanding, I think it’s terrible) but feel nothing has captured a specific mood so well- they’re more just like a collection of songs and more often than not alot of filler. I’ve also got to applaud the ‘Further’ remixes, especially those done by Coil and Aphex Twin and NIN, and heartily recommend the ‘Recoiled’ album just released on Cold Spring-it’s extended/lost versions of the Coil/NIN remixes, included is the extended edit of the ‘Closer’ remix from ‘Seven’. It all still sounds so fresh – if it was released today it would be heralded. It’s also IMO Some of Coils best work.

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