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[Random Cool] These Guitars Look Like They Could Decapitate Any Crowd Heckler

I caught wind of Monson Guitars when I saw a picture of Yob vocalist/guitarist Mike Schmidt on Tool‘s website and I wanted to know more about his guitar. Well, I found the guitar website and immediately felt slightly intimidated as each axe looks like it’s meant to not only emit some badass metal but also cut a swath through an offending crowd. Seriously, just take a look at the gallery I’ve got below and tell me I’m wrong.

Oh, and make sure to head to Monson Guitars’ official website to see a ton more badass instruments.



  • Raven1417

    Going from left to right, top to bottom we have these butt ugly designs inspired by;

    Doyle’s (Misfits) Annihilator
    BC Rich Beast
    Heavily modified ESP/Ltd Forest (closest I could think of)
    BC Rich Warbeast
    god knows but kill it with fire
    Schecter Blackjack/Modified mirrored BC Rich Mockingbird
    The go to V shape for these companies; Jackson Rhoads V
    BC Rich Beast again
    BC Rich Draco
    Some inbred spawn of their other ideas.

    All in all, looks like guitars designed by an angry teenager who just discovered black metal and satanism.

  • ZedtheUndead

    Now, while the last axe is kind of…awkward looking, the rest are pretty bad ass, last I checked Metal wasn’t supposed to be “pretty”…although some seem to think so…but what do I know?

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