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[Exclusive] When We Team Up’s Brenden McBrayer Shares His Top 6 Horror Movies

Portland, OR pop punk band When We Team Up, in their direct words, “…try to set ourselves apart from your atypical boy loves girl subject matter most of the time.” Instead, they take the genre and give it an interesting twist by taking an approach where, “…some of our lyrics are taken straight out of horror movie scripts.

The band has also just released their new EP From Where Monsters Come (which you can download for free below). In keeping with their love of horror, the EP adds in some dashes and sprinkles of gore and terror: “The opening track is written about the movie Arachnophobia, and there are also songs inspired by the movie Jurassic Park and the comic book The Walking Dead on here.

To celebrate this new release, bassist Brenden McBrayer wanted to show the band’s love of horror by sharing his Top 6 horror movies! The list is pretty awesome, including some flicks that don’t get a lot of love or mention. Head on down to check it out and see if you’ve watched each of these movies!

Brenden McBrayer’s Top 6 Horror Films:

1: Friday The 13th Part VI
This one started the love affair for me. I remember staying at my grandmother’s house with my family when I was like 6. Everyone was asleep in the house and it was maybe 11pm, and while turning through the channels I landed on an extremely edited version of this movie on TBS or TNT. I knew I shouldn’t watch it, I wasn’t allowed, but a new part of me was born that night, a strong independent fearless me. Only thing was, I was scared to death of the zombie visage of Jason wandering and slashing and stabbing. This film messed me up for some months, but it also let me know I could watch a horror movie and not die as a result.

2: The Blair Witch Project
This was probably the first big horror event to happen in my life that I was prepared for. I was 9 when it came out and somehow managed to talk my dad into taking me to see this. I was one of millions still trapped in the theory of “was this real, or was this a film”, and I couldn’t get enough. The genuine feel of this movie is unparalleled and to this day unmatched. A terrific script, matched with convincing acting, and a glorious mythos make this such a classic.

3: Fire In The Sky
Some may not consider this to be a horror film, I guess they would have an argument to call it hard sci-fi or eerie drama, but for me this has enough of the qualifiers of a horror movie to count it in the genres ranks. The scene where the abductee gets covered in plastic while pleading to cold apathetic aliens who act like he’s not there, guh, the chills that scene induces. The worst part of this whole flick is the based on a true story tagline, you can’t tell an 8 year old that when they see a man go through the abductee’s rigmarole, that it is based in reality.

4: Cabin In The Woods
This one is huge; it not only serves as a very solid offering for a cabin in the woods style horror flick, but in a very meta way, explains how every horror film ever made could instantly be connected into one universe. Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers, all of them could be tools of this movies concept. It’s so much smarter than I expected it to be, that it ended up being my favorite movie of 2012 overall.

5: Event Horizon
I was a sucker for the setup of this. A spaceship goes to hell, and brings some of the inferno back with it. The special FX were on point, the script had total tension, and Sam Neil was a convincing self-mutilating maniac, the kind you don’t want to be trapped on a space ship with. The little nuances of this script like the Latin misinterpretation or the video tape playback of the ships first crew descending into madness make for a viewing event that you will take to the grave.

6: Creepshow 2
This was maybe the 2nd horror movie I watched, it was not too long after my solo Friday The 13th midnight viewing, I was sick and my dad let me go to the movie store and pick out a bunch of VHS tapes for the day. I think it was one of those legendary 5 movies for 5 bucks for 5 days deals. I was still six. I think I picked 4/5ths of the titles while dad picked up Creepshow 2. I was already tuned into rated R features by this age like Aliens and Robocop, so I guess my dad thought straight up horror couldn’t get to me that much. We watched this movie at maybe 2 in the afternoon with broad daylight on the other side of the windows and it still got to me. The segment involving the river monster and the raft installed a very present to this day fear of deep water that I can’t uninstall for the life of me

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