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Toxic Holocaust To Release First Three Albums On Vinyl

Relapse Records has announced that they will be releasing thrash metal band Toxic Holocaust‘s first three albums, Evil Never Dies, Hell On Earth, An Overdose Of Death, on deluxe vinyl on April 15th. Each vinyl will come with a download card for the full album. Streams of the albums are available on Bandcamp. A teaser video featuring the vinyl colors can be seen below.

Head on over here to order your copies.




  • sweetooth

    Got the old pressings of those. I hate the half and half colored vinyl. You can literally hear the transition between colors as it spins. At least they’re also offering in good ol’ black.

    • sweetooth

      got em signed by Joel Grind himself too.

      • JonathanBarkan

        I haven’t noticed the transition. I’m going to have to listen really closely next time I pop a similar variant on my table.

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