'In Fear' Director Could Helm 'The Changeling' Remake - Bloody Disgusting
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‘In Fear’ Director Could Helm ‘The Changeling’ Remake



With In Fear out now, British filmmaker Jeremy Lovering is prepping his potential next project, which could be the long-gestured remake of Peter Medak’s 1980 masterpiece, The Changeling.

In speaking with Fango, Lovering rightfully expresses concern about doing something fresh and new, which is extraordinarily difficult when many of modern filmmakers use the classic as a focal point for their own supernatural horror. In fact, the classic Ringu franchise is a direct rip-off of Changeling, utilizing VHS tapes as a modern device to tell the story.

While a script is now completed, he shares his hesitation:

I’m really nervous about it, for obvious reasons. The original is an extraordinarily good film, and I’ve tried to take a kind of alternative point of view—doing the scenes you don’t see, the ones in between those that are in the film. The Changeling has such iconic, much-copied sequences, and obviously loads of directors, from James Wan to [The Woman in Black’s] James Watkins and a whole bunch of others, happily acknowledge The Changeling as a massively influential film. It’s the same producers [as the original] who want to make it, and it has been a very interesting process, but I’m still trying to decide whether it’s the right thing to do or not.”

George C. Scott starred in the original as a man whose family is killed in a road accident and retires to a lonely mansion only to experience supernatural occurrences linked to the house’s mysterious past and its previous owners.