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Share Your Favorite ‘Resident Evil’ Memory For A Chance To Be Featured In An Upcoming Capcom Game



Capcom is offering a chance to be featured in one of their upcoming games, and all you need to do is share your favorite Resident Evil memories. Was it the original game’s well of deliciously cheesy dialogue? The first time Nemesis pulled a Kool-Aid Man and broke through a wall in his unending hunt for Jill? Or maybe it was the first time you took on a chainsaw-wielding Ganado in Resident Evil 4?

This is a series that has no shortage of memorable moments, and now Capcom wants you to tell them your favorite.

As for the game in question, all we know is it’s an “upcoming Capcom title,” so that could be anything. Obviously, I’d like to think it’s related to Resident Evil. There have been rumblings of a pending announcement, but what that is — Resident Evil 7, a remake of one of the older games, more HD chicanery, or something else — is currently unknown.

If you’re feeling sociable, head on over to the Resident Evil Facebook to share memories of your own.

On a related note, we’re playing through Resident Evil 4 in its entirety on our YouTube channel. You can get started on that below, if you like.

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