‘Wolf Creek 2’ Is Coming, and So Is Mick Taylor!!

  • STRIK9

    Damn I cant wait for this.I hope this film makes a lotta money.I highly doubt this will really be carried in any major theatres,which is bullshit.But if it is, I’ll be there may 16th. I’d love to get more sequels without waiting almost a decade

  • high-rise-rat

    Head on a stick. Thats all I can remember from the first film, aint seen it in a while, I do like Greg mcleans ‘rogue’ very underrated film. I will check this out on dvd because it won’t get a good theatrical release in the uk.

  • Jarvis1980

    It’s already been released here in Australia and it’s bloody good fun! Does the classic horror sequel thing and amps up the black comedy. Not necessarily scary but a great dark thrill ride and an awesome follow-up!