Awesome ‘Ju-on’ Poster Art Gives You the Evil Eye

  • WineandWatch

    Wait, filming begins tomorrow and then it will be released just over 3 months later? Or did I read that wrong. Is it June 28 of next year?

    • XrabbitX

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was released 3 months from now. Japanese directors grind out movies like there is no tomorrow and I don’t think they spend very long making them. I’d be surprised if they spent two whole weeks filming this.

  • XrabbitX

    That poster is awesome!

  • Tomie Kawakami

    Oh my god please stop it’s like you’re purposely trying to piss off the fans with this Mr. Disgusting. This is not the tenth installment of the franchise, it’s the seventh!! Stop repeating its the tenth. The Grudge Trilogy is not even a part of the Ju-on series (not that it’s bad or anything I’m a fan of both). I mean, you call REC 4 the fourth installment of its franchise (rightfully so, because it is) and don’t count the Quarantine movies, so why is this any different? THIS IS THE SEVENTH INSTALLMENT, people. So annoying.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love that poster so much. I want it on my wall. I’m very excited for this movie.