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Lots of people Go Missing at ‘Happy Camp’ (Clip)

Gravitas Ventures yet another clip from the under-the-radar found-footage thriller Happy Camp, produced by Drew Barrymore‘s Flower Films banner and directed by first-timer Josh Anthony who stars in, wrote and directed the pic. The clip it documentary-style and talks about all of the missing people at Happy Camp.

Starring Michael Barbuto, Anne Taylor, and Teddy Gilmore, “The story of four filmmaker friends who visit the Northern California town of Happy Camp where hundreds of people have gone missing from the surrounding mountains, including one of the pals’ younger siblings decades ago, to film a documentary.

Gravitas has a VOD release set for March 25.



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  • Linda-Jo-Martin

    Until recently I was a Happy Camp resident. Happy Camp is a real town in the Klamath National Forest only twenty miles south of the Oregon state line. FYI … there are not a lot of people missing from Happy Camp. This film is fiction only. In 1976 a six-year-old boy, Willie Cook, was kidnapped in Happy Camp, most likely in retaliation… then later found murdered. This movie is bringing up very traumatic memories for the people of Happy Camp who remember this tragic kidnapping, and they are offended by the film. I lived in Happy Camp for 13 years and really loved the place, and made lots of friends who are still my friends even though I’ve moved elsewhere now. There’s absolutely no record of hundreds of people disappearing from Happy Camp or the forest nearby. Happy Camp is a decent small town full of hard-working and kind people. It is 64 miles from Highway 5 on a winding river road (Highway 96) . . . stop by and visit sometime. You’re not likely to disappear despite what this film suggests. It is a great place for rafting, camping, gold prospecting, and swimming holes in clean, clear creeks.

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