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[SXSW ’14 Review] ‘The Mule’ A Different Kind of Body Horror

Saw creator Leigh Whannell keeps his 2014 festival run on a roll with The Mule, a new thriller about a first time drug mule who is caught by law enforcement.

“The Mule isn’t a horror movie,” explains Evan Dickson in his review, “But it’s perfect for readers of Bloody-Disgusting.

The film also requires you as a viewer to have the strongest of stomachs, because some of the sh*t that goes down here is a totally different kind of body horror,” he adds.

With The Mule‘s stomach churning moments, I guarantee you’ll get your daily kicks

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  • mobstar67

    to me one of the scariest things i can think of would be law enforcement…The power that these guys possess and all that can go wrong due to human nature is a real horror story…
    someone has a great opportunity with this idea… I look forward to see were they go with this…

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