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Did You Know There’s A Large FREE ‘Silent Hill’ Remix/Inspired Music Collection?

If there’s one thing I know about Bloody-Disgusting readers, it’s that you all are pretty much fans of the Konami survival horror series Silent Hill (which happens to be one of my favorite game franchises ever). And what’s not to love? There’s horrific monsters, nightmarish locations, intelligent story lines, and, one of my favorite aspects, stunning music that terrifies as much as it entrances the player.

What’s great about the Silent Hill community is that it inspires a lot of creativity from the fans. There are great cosplayers, people who create toys, and more. But the purpose of this article is to recognize the people who are inspired to remix or create new music, all to show their love of a small foggy town.

The website is built around the music of the franchise, paying homage to composers Akira Yamaoka and Daniel Licht. And if you click that link, you’ll be directed to a page that is dedicated to fan remixes and inspired tracks. There are some serious gems there, so I recommend heading on in to get some free music!




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