Monkeybrain Monday Review: “The Fallen” # 1 - Bloody Disgusting!

Monkeybrain Monday Review: “The Fallen” # 1

While Monkeybrain comics may not specialize in horror, they do specialize in quality comic books. For those of you looking to expand your palette this is “Monkeybrain Monday” showcasing some of the digital titles this smaller publisher has to offer.

Alex De-Gruchy has crafted a unique story of survival with “The Fallen.” He blends popular genres and tropes to create an entirely new look at survival horror that sees superhumans fighting to survive the apocalypse.

WRITTEN BY: Alex De-Gruchy
ART BY: Michael Montenat
PUBLISHER: Monkeybrain Comics
PRICE: $0.99

Sadly “The Fallen” doesn’t really have anything new to offer the stories it borrows so heavily from. Everything feels borrowed and pre-established. It’s good fun when it works, but if you’ve read something like “Crossed” you know his crazy cannibal antagonists are far from original. In fact they seem tame compared to Ennis’ creation.

The quiet protagonist of the piece does his best to offer concise amounts of world building in a planet gone to shit but the task at hand proves a little too cumbersome for the issue to handle. Often the exposition feels heavy handed and forced. Instead of feeding the audience in small tidbits everything is dumped on them at once, forcing them to process an apocalypse and a world of superheroes.

I will admit that the unique way in which the apocalypse was brought on managed to capture my interest. It felt like a natural oversight that might come into play with super powered intellect. With that being said, I think I would have rathered see that moment than having been told about it.

Michael Montenat’s art is fairly gritty evoking a certain feeling of dread within the pages. It’s crafted in such a way that favors the action beautifully and manages to keep the paneling interesting every step of the way. I was thoroughly pleased with my panel by panel viewing because the action popped and felt organic. The character designs scream regular survivor joe, but other than that the atmosphere of dread really shines.

“The Fallen” has a lot to offer, but never really follows one of many elements it sets up. Instead it feels thinly spread out over a number of interesting topics but can never really make up its mind as to which one is its focus. It’s a shame because the world building and exposition get in the way of telling an otherwise interesting character study of survivor guilt as a superhero.

Rating: 2/5 Skulls.