Avatar Release Official Video For New Track "Hail The Apocalypse" - Bloody Disgusting!

Avatar Release Official Video For New Track “Hail The Apocalypse”

Swedish metal band Avatar have released an official music video for the title track of their upcoming album Hail The Apocalypse. The black and white video, which was directed by Johan Carlén, plays out like a silent film with vocalist Johannes Eckerström cranking a windup music box, ushering in calamitous events.

Eckerström comments on the new video: “This is our best video to date. I play your friendly neighborhood doomsday prophet. You get to follow me facing the unbelievers & their reactions when chaos ensues. Good times all around & we are using some really amazing special effects to blow up the planet. Oh, and it’s done like a silent movie.

You can watch the video below. Also, make sure to pre-order Hail The Apocalpyse via iTunes.

  • HandyDonutHole

    I am incredibly excited for their new album! This new song they released still holds true to the sound they crafted on their previous album. Hail the apocalypse!

    • JonathanBarkan

      I keep coming back to it because it’s such a fun song!