[TV] "iZombie" Meets a Nerd - Bloody Disgusting!

[TV] “iZombie” Meets a Nerd


U.K. up-and-comer Rahul Kohli, pictured, has been set as the final series regular role in the Rob Thomas/Diane Ruggiero CW pilot “iZombie,” reported Variety.

Kohli will play an enthusiastic nerd who befriends the lead character in the show based on the DC Comics/Vertigo property about a medical student-turned-zombie. Rose McIver stars as Liv, the student who winds up solving homicide cases by eating the brains of victims and inheriting their memories.

Thomas penned the “iZombie” adaptation with Ruggiero and is on board to direct the Warner Bros. TV pilot.

  • WineandWatch

    Really excited about this show. I know the concept sounds ridiculous but it’s in the hands of the guy who created Veronica Mars and Party Down. I will watch anything he does.