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Metallica Release Studio Demo Of New Song “Lords Of Summer”

Heavy metal legends Metallica have released a “garage demo” version of their new track “Lords Of Summer”, which saw its debut this past weekend when the band played it live in Bogota, Columbia. This is the first new track from the band’s since 2008’s Death Magnetic (putting aside 2011’s Lulu). The band is supposedly hard at work on a new studio album, which will be their 10th. There are rumors that it might be released late this year although an early 2015 release date is more likely.

Head below for the studio demo.



  • VampireJack

    Sigh, that was a let down.
    Maybe it’s about time Metallica gave it up.

  • groncho69

    Se escribe COLOMBIA, no COLUMBIA, sin importar el idioma.
    COLOMBIA, not COLUMBIA, is written regardless of language.

  • Voorhees83

    Not a bad song considering how old Metallica is now. Certainly better then anything off Load/Re-Load/St Anger.

    Still has a recycled Metallica sound to it. Seems more familiar to me then it does new.

  • morrisseylikesburgers

    Boring as hell, Metallica needs to give it up.

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