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Opeth Aim For June Release For New Album

Mikael Akerfeldt, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter of Swedish progressive metal band Opeth has told Loudwire that he anticipates the band’s 11th studio album to be released this June (guess I’m getting a really sweet birthday gift this year).

Akerfeldt continued, saying “If it sounds like us, that’s good. And if it sounds like something we don’t know, that’s also good. This album has some parts that sound like us and some parts that sound kind of new too. It’s a bit heavier than ‘Heritage’ at times and it’s a bit more melodic. I think it should be a bit easier to get into this record because there’s a lot of focus on the melodies. We’re a progressive band. Sometimes we sound like a metal band and sometimes we don’t.

Opeth’s last album was 2011’s Heritage, which polarized fans. Many lauded the band for focusing on their progressive influences while others mourned the loss of Akerfeldt’s growls. I was personally a big fan but I feel like my love of prog might have something to do with that.

Head below to watch Phil Mucci’s fantastic “Devil’s Orchard” video.



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