[Random Cool] Someone Turned All Of Tesseract's 'Altered State' Into An 8-Bit Track - Bloody Disgusting!

[Random Cool] Someone Turned All Of Tesseract’s ‘Altered State’ Into An 8-Bit Track


I’m a total 8-bit video game console generation kid. I cut my teeth on some of the most frustratingly difficult games ever released. Dark Souls? Pssh, whatever. Try beating Contra without using the Konami code. And through all my battles it was always the music that me moving forward. Something about the wildly infectious melodies gave me the strength to tackle just about anything that the NES could throw at me.

Knowing this, if I had owned a game where Tesseract‘s Altered State was the background music, I can assure you I’d still be playing it today. But since that never happened, I’ll happily settle for the below video, which can at least give me that same feeling!