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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Finale Bombshell Looming?

Either TVLine knows something or they’re just playing to their readers, either way, their headline is a potential beast of a spoiler if what they imply happens actually happens.

Would AMC actually kill of Rick Grimes in the Season 4 finale? Says the site, that’s what the following poster implies. I don’t see it, but I love the speculation because, if AMC had the balls to kill off Andrew Lincoln’s character, I’d return to watch the show faster than the running zombies in Dawn of the Dead 2004 could catch their prey.

Explains the site: As you can see in the exclusive image below, the show hasn’t supplied us with a run-of-the-mill picture depicting its characters en route to Terminus, the sanctuary whose motto is, “Those who arrive survive.”

Rather, the shot is of Andrew Lincoln’s shaggy sheriff, along with son Carl (Chandler Riggs) and their formidable traveling companion, Michonne (Danai Gurira), looking poised to do battle and quite possibly surrounded by the smoke that Tyreese and Carol saw in last week’s episode. Even more ominous is the tagline:

“Who will arrive?”

In other words: Who will survive?



  • Darkness69

    I don’t think they’ll kill off Rick, but the latest episode was quite possibly the best in season 4 so far (and quite gruesome), so who knows? I think Michonne is “safe” too, as well as Daryl. The rest I’m not so sure about!

  • Astroid_Andy

    Killing the main character in the show when there are TONS of things to explore that directly involve Rick in the comics would be disastrous. And the rate the show is heading, we are venturing into tons of Comic territory.

  • djblack1313

    i don’t see any spoiler (or even possible spoiler) in this poster. the “who will survive” tagline doesn’t strike me as necessarily meaning “who out of these 3 characters, Rick, Michonne or Carl, will survive?”.

    they won’t kill off Rick and i’m fine with that. i DO like this poster though.

  • anthonyd1

    if your a fan of the show then you watch it for these characters and sure as hell be rooting for them to survive not die!!! I hope that Rick, Carl, and Michonne will survive. I love all 3 of them and although i know something bad most definitely awaits everyone at Terminus, hopefully they all end up together soon. I have a feeling its going to be an intense season finale

  • Voorhees83

    Looks like Rick has a long chin beard growing there.

  • Polsdofer

    If wanted Rick to die before i certainly don’t want him to die now. I hope you (Mr. Disgusting) never watch the show, i wish you would stop posting anything Walking Dead related.

  • macguffin54

    I wholeheartedly agree. What is the point of reporting on something that they don’t like, presumably to be courteous to those if us who ARE fans, only to rag on the show and reiterate how much THEY don’t like it? Who cares what they think? We like it, we want to know about IT, not hear their (entitled-to, but not shared) opinions. We don’t want to have the paperboy spit in our faces when we get the newspaper and we don’t want this site’s garbage thrown in our faces when we want to read news of the show we like. Why bother?

    • macguffin54

      Oh, on a more civil note, I agree this picture doesn’t imply or suggest anything, so that website is jumping to conclusions. Not that somebody won’t die. At this point it’s practically a given. A finale hasn’t passed that someone hasn’t died, though the show is running thin on people to kill off. Those who aren’t the MAIN main cast are so new, but supposedly big in the comic, that there hasn’t yet been a chance to explore their story line potential. The most vulnerable, IMO, is Sasha and maybe Glenn. But they usually devote an ep or two to a main character shortly before killing them off and we haven’t seen too much of Glenn lately, so I’d say Sasha is what’s for dinner, if anybody, but not Rick. If they were smart they would surprise everyone and not kill anybody or even add old favs, like Morgan, at Terminus. Rick could die, theoretically, but I don’t think this poster suggests it and it would be a HUGE mistake.

  • djblack1313

    Polsdofer & macguffin, i’d be the first one agree w/ you guys that Mr. D’s bashing of the show gets tiring but to be fair he really didn’t trash the show at all in this particular write up. in fact he was pretty objective about it.

    • macguffin54

      Oh, I agree this article wasn’t bad, but Polsdofer picked a nerve and I wanted to show support for him/her as they are right (not just that this site is harsh but that they have reached a point where they need to stop editorializing or stop reporting on it altogether; just like with True Blood). Once I got writing it all just came pouring out. But thanks for the support.

    • Polsdofer

      djblack1313, your right he didn’t trash The Walking Dead is particular post but we know what he’s about when it comes to The Walking Dead, but even in this post he couldnt help but voice his opinion about Rick. It’s like when someone’s about to get a tattoo and their exctited about it but then someone critisizes it and it put’s doubt in your mind about getting it, now im not going to stop watch the show if someone else dosent like it. If my friend told me he dosent like it that’s fine but he’s not speaking to the masses like Mr. Disgusting, and he just rubs me the wrong way and im probably not going to let up about it.

  • Canucklehead

    I predict there will be zombies.

    • Voorhees83

      I heard a spoiler that there is no zombies.

  • weresmurf

    Glenn, Lesbian Chick, Eugene, Rosita and Abraham will be safe… you don’t introduce three big mains to kill them off 5 eps later. Lesbian chick is easily zombie bait, there’s no purpose to her. Glenn? Well… we’ll see if they follow the comics or not.

    Rick, Carl and Michonne? Doubtful.

    Carol and Tyrese? Either of these two could go… after all Tyrese died at the Governors sword in the comics. Carol committed suicide in the jail in the comics. Either could go. I’m actually betting one does.

    Tyreses sister, Bob, Maggie: Tyreses sister. Calling it now. Hearing rumors we may find out Bob is actually immune? That’d be neat and explain how he’s the sole survivor from multiple groups with scars… most likely not true though.

    Daryl and Beth… Daryls time is nearing, so is Beths I’m betting. My money is on Daryl not dying this season but next. Beth though, I’m banking on her dying this season… Daryls too big a character to just kill off without some big buildup or some noble sacrifice.

  • woodchuck

    Rick, Carl, and Daryl will never be killed off, not on the highest rated show on TV, everyone else (besides maybe Michonne)is fair game, but I doubt they’ll kill off Glenn and/Maggie right now

  • SteveO21

    If Rick dies, AMC will be screwing the pooch in a major way. I know they don’t follow the comics exclusively but he’s too big to the overall story to kill off.

  • fernadz

    hmmm surprised no one on here has read the comic or even alluding to the stroylines of the comics. soooo many possibilities here. obvious one being that terminus is a haven for cannibals. beth is probably there at terminus and will be served to the group as food, or killed of screen, or they have already done something to her but they can rescue her. also did anyone notice the group daryl is with left that guy with the bows in him dead to the side? has anyone noticed the bodies found strung up in horrible ways throughout this season?

  • DemonDrake

    there are other posters of the walking dead that poses the same question “…who will survive?” but with different characters. i’ve seen 4 posters total, one with only glenn, one with only beth, one with only carol, and one with rick, michonne, and carl.

  • huntermc

    Well, they did announce that Andrew Lincoln was going to be their special guest on the Talking Dead following the finale, and they’ve made it a habit of having the actors on the show the night that their character is killed. I seriously hope they don’t kill him, though, that would be stupid. But who knows, maybe there’s behind the scenes drama going on again. Maybe Lincoln wants off the show, or maybe he wants more money, or other bullshit.

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