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Dive Further Into ‘Hannibal’ With Halia Meguid’s “The Ravenstag”

If you’re not watching NBC’s Hannibal, then you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s probably the most visceral, intense, and shocking show on network TV right now (and possibly ever). It’s beautifully shot and features some stellar acting, along with some truly haunting music. In short, I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I just really hope that they don’t f*ck it up.

But while things are still good, let’s keep celebrating it! Below is a beautiful acoustic track entitled “The Ravenstag” by Halia Meguid, which features a ton of scenes from the show. The track was originally a fan song but it appears to have caught the attention of the producers as they went all out creating the below video, which features Meguid.

Head below for the video and lyrics.

blue as night, the ravenstag was flying
as you plucked the hyde, the beast stood crying
was it ever not enough to torment enough, cried out the blood in the veins
of the ravenstag who told me your name

i’ve started dreaming the most peculiar pictures
the blacks and whites and colors are richer
did you feel it kind enough, yes kind enough to plant the seed in my brain
of the ravenstag whispering your name

vulgar fruit, it gleams like vulgar diamonds
a picture of my own designing
wish they’d said, “beware the signs, the meats and wines of the velvet joy and the pain
of the ravenstag when he calls your name”

come into my parlor says the spider
close my eyes, the space between heartbeats grows wider
maybe i’m not brave enough or sane enough to steady the knife of the gaze
of the ravenstag as it whispers my name

morning’s come and the ravenstag’s behind me
i’m a crimson stain and no wind can dry me
is an enemy enough to keep the love of a monster that swallows and maims
the same ravenstag who knows my name?




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