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It’s Kill Or Be Killed In The Ambitious Open World Survival Game ‘Miscreated’

Last year fostered an unusual trend. I don’t fully understand the appeal of it, but I can’t help but find the games and gamers who enjoy it fascinating to study. That trend was video games that starve and dehydrate their players. Survival simulators. DayZ and Rust are the two biggest success stories so far, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say a startling portion of their communities are borderline psychopaths.

As we wade further into 2014 and games like these continue to see massive success, we’ll undoubtedly start seeing more developers take a stab at creating unforgiving, post-apocalyptic worlds for gamers to set aside their humanity and jump in. One of the more promising contenders is Miscreated, and so far it looks like a worthy addition to this genre.

Miscreated looks to feature many of the things fans have come to expect from games like these, including a massive persistent open world (over 64km²). It will also feature weapon and vehicle customization, a dynamic weather system, and yes — PvP.

According to the game’s IndieDB page, there will be “no safe zones or game rules exist allowing you to kill anyone at any time for any reason.”

For more on Miscreated, follow it on IndieDB.

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  • Sick_skwerl

    Yay, another game where I can waste a few hours acquiring items until a random sociopath walks up and kills me for no god damn reason. It’s a giant interactive version of the Stanford university prison experiment. I’d rather run into the zombies than one of those lunatics.

    • Adam Dodd


  • jakeen229

    I pretty much find them all entirely pointless but fun when it’s you and you alone. I think Dayz had the least amount of dicks I ran into thanks to map size..but this is just going to be more of the same.I told one of my mates that State of Decay did everything perfectly in terms of a survival game, to many of these games turn into a boring pvp game for little to no reason.

    • Adam Dodd

      I really only enjoy these types of games when I have a group of close friends to play with. Alone, I’d stay alive in Rust for about a minute, but with some friends I can last up to five!

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