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[Exclusive] Nexilva Share Their Top 10 Horror Films

Hailing from Sunderland, England, Nexilva are bringing their own take on what constitutes a horror movie. The band has submitted their own Top 10 Horror Movie list and some of the choices on here might make some readers cry, “Those aren’t horror!” However, with a little bit of an open mind, it’s actually very obvious these selections fall under the umbrella of our genre. Several of these films deal with truly horrific ideas/themes and, at the very least, they have some super creepy imagery contained within. You can check out the list below.

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1. The Matrix – This film is the main inspiration for our track ‘Cybernetic Lucidity’. Humans being harvested for energy by sentient machines while existing inside a simulated reality? It doesn’t get much cooler than this!

2. Alien – Intense, terrifying and claustrophobic. Alien is without a doubt a staple film in the sci-fi horror genre, that also paved the way for badass heroines as lead roles.

3. The Book of Eli – Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and one hell of a plot twist. That is all… oh, and Mila Kunis…

4. 28 Days Later – This film definitely reinvigorated the zombie genre at the time. As gritty and British as they come, 28 Days Later depicts the breakdown of a country a month after a highly contagious virus is accidentally released. Turning humans into rage filled killing machines. The realistic possibility of an outbreak like this actually occurring is what makes this film all the more grim.

5. Resident Evil – Unlike “28 Days Later”, Resident Evil steers clear of the gritty realism and goes for a Hollywood blockbuster feel, which in turn means that the possibilities within the feature are limitless. The first installment of the sequence of films is particularly chilling. Let’s just try and forget they ever made the second film, or the third, or the fourth… or fifth.

6. The Road – A strong contender for one of the most depressing and realistic post-apocalyptic films out there. No zombies or crazy mutants in this one, just the darkest sides of the human condition coming out to play when an ‘every man for himself’ situation arises. This film really shows the dark side of humanity and how prone we are to destroying ourselves. Which is a prevalent theme in the lyrical content for many songs on the album.

7. The Thing (1982) – An 80’s classic. Kurt Russell battles against a parasitic alien life form that can imitate other organisms, in a remote Antarctic research station. The films induces a feeling of paranoia in a claustrophobic environment much like Ridley Scott’s Alien, and it’s use of practical special effects are second to none.

8. Blade – This film features Wesley Snipes as a vampire, who hunts vampires, and doesn’t pay taxes. This action based horror holds jump scares and a deep storyline which pans over 3 gory films. With many a gruesome vampire death, the Blade trilogy holds its place high amongst critics, with an almost comic book level of accentuated violence.

9. Dawn of the Dead (2004) – This modern remake of George Romero’s classic has been dubbed as one of the best modern zombie/horror films of all time. It incorporates both classic shock horror, jump scares and a sprinkling of black comedy, with a terrifyingly intrusive story which thrusts you into the mindset of the characters, and what you yourself would do in the situation of a zombie apocalypse.

10. Black Death – Another gritty British horror/thriller. Set during the time of the bubonic plague in Europe, a group of knights are on a mission to investigate a village that are supposedly bringing the dead back to life. A concept that our new single ‘Necromancer’ is based on. Spoiler alert: Sean Bean dies… surprise surprise.

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