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‘Underworld: Next Generation’ In Development (Exclusive)

With the introduction of Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael Corvin’s (Scott Speedman) hybrid daughter, Eve (pictured above; India Eisley), in the 2012 Underworld: Awakening, Screen Gems passed the torch to another star in hopes of continuing the franchise.

After a decade-long battle between vampires and werewolves, like it or not, the Underworld franchise is legit. After four successful films, I’m told by my studio Intel that Screen Gems is actively developing the fifth, currently titled Underworld: Next Generation.

While the title could change by the time they go into production, right now they’re seeking a writer and director for the fifth film, although Len Wiseman remains producer. It’s also unclear what direction they will be going as Beckeisale is not attached yet, officially. Hence the title, Next Generation, it’s implied that the new film will follow Eve as the film’s protagonist.

Again, since a director and writer have yet to be assigned, things could change. But in the early stages of development, this is where the studio hopes to take the franchise come 2015.



  • djblack1313

    FUCK YES! FUCK YES! FUCK YES!! please bring Kate back. she’s essential to wrapping the storyline up (bring back Scott Speedman as Michael too!).

    • Taboo

      Yes, she needs to be in this one for sure.

  • Lion7718

    Best news I’ve read today.

  • SaltSlasher

    I wouldn’t mind alternate story line type thing, like follow that blonde hair vampire from the mansion.

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind a full new line starting just after where the last one ended. They can’t kill Kate, they need her to go into vampire hibernation.

    My story: Kate’s man dies, so she goes into the ground to never be heard of again (wait till movie 3 of next generation). Then a new chick runs around fighting the good fight in the future setting in movie 1. Then in movie 2, we got back in time with a little time crossing with Kate, yada yada yada they fight the good fight. Movie 3, were back in the 90’s or 80’s era, and they fight the good fight. Movie 4, is in the way far out future, like year 3000, and Kate comes up from the ground to help un-enslave all the vampires who have now been taken over by werewolf man hybrids.

    • Lion7718

      There was talk after Underworld: Evolution to spin off Sophia Myles (Erika), but nothing ever came of it.

  • Author_RobF

    You want someone to write it? As A Sci-fi Horror Author contact me, I shall write this one up for you. Not my first script rodeo.

  • Yes!!!!!!! I love Underworld, and I need my fix for a new film! lol.

    Eve was a bad ass in Awakening, and at some point, someone needs to take over Selene. And if I’m using Awakening as a measuring stick, she’s a good choice.

  • Evan3

    I didn’t think anybody cared about this series any more, but then I saw the above comments. @djblack1313, your taste in movies absolutely puzzles me. What are your favorite horror films? What do you hate?

  • fuck no fuck no fuck no…len wiseman is banging every bit of talent she has out of her.

    underworld is a slap in the face. honestly , if i wanna see that much blue id watch jlc in blue steel and get more out of it.

  • im sorry but ….
    fuck underworld… if you want me to elaborate i could go for days.

  • Beatnation

    Are you fucking kidding me?, let’s this trash franchise die already.

  • wormlander

    Underworld is the only “fanged” franchise out there worth watching. I also thought the Eve hybrid was really bad-ass in Awakening. Makes me look forward to the next installment even if Beckinsale doesn’t return.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    *Drops to my knees and cries* YES! FINALLY!

  • MinaDoll7

    Yesss!!! Cant wait! I loved the series TBH. The only one i didn’t like was the one that focused on Lucian’s love story in the way back. I’ve always loved the action, how the vamps and lycans moved, the gore, and mythology. I LOVED Bill Nighy as one of the vamp elders Viktor and Marcus was freakin scary! Loved Beckinsale too, one of the best actresses in a vamp action movie, loved her movements. I hope they expand the world more.

  • GothicGuido

    This could be really good news for Underworld. IMO they need to start fresh, forget the past storylines. The thing that matters here is Vampires vs Werewolves not Selene, Micheal and Eve. I love Underworld but it frustrates me because I know it could be so much more.

    Underworld suffers from the “chosen one” cliche/trope. Micheal is the strongest, no Selene is, No eve is. A “12 year old” killing a monster with her bear hands? Is that the sequel you guys want?

    You know what I want? The Raid: Monster edition. Simpler story line, more characters who are expendable. No “chosen one” no kids, no tacked on romance for the heck of it.

    In Awakening the Vampires mention a “failed Lycan youth revolt”. That sounds like a much more interesting movie than the one we got. Underworld 1 was set up to be “Werewolf gang initiation”. Once again a much more interesting set up than the “Romeo and Juliet” action flick we got.

  • mobstar67

    I’m actually on the fence with this one..
    I find these movies too be basically action flicks and I’m not much into car chases and shootouts and this series is heavy on that sort of stuff…
    i really liked the back story in “Rise Of The Lycans” with Rona Mitra but found the last installment to be weak at best so im not even sure if I’d care to see another round of the halfbreed kid..
    i guess its all about personal preference .

  • Jok

    If this is true they won’t have kate to rely on anymore. So they’re going to actually have to put real effort into it.

  • Ray Felch

    yes love it cant what

  • rex

    best franchise ever, it could even turn into a t.v seriers, absolute love for underworld!! and give eve marcus wings too signify that she is the strongest!!

    • Giavini Lestat

      bullshit the howling is way beter so is lost boys lol

      • rex

        bollocks!! this film captures both classical vamp traditions but yet meets with the modern world perfectly, the action in these films are rare and highly recommended aswell as the class A actors!

    • Giavini Lestat

      all underworld is gay ass love story n cgi bullshit the orginal howling moviues n lost boiys were non cgi spure makeup n porstetics 😛

      • akamaekame

        if you don’t like it, why are you reading it

  • Joseph


  • Ebonee

    I hate when they change or remove characters. I loved selene

  • William Perry

    i’m a up and coming writer i hope to have my work looked upon in the near future..but i think a sweet story line for the next underworld should be finding MIKE,but when they do ,it turns out not to be the mike they thought he was..have him be some sort of inner beast that is torn between his vampire side and his wolf side.towards the end,he is faced by his daughter who has a fight with him..i can’t tell u the rest ..but rest assure if anyone out there is reading this from the film world..the ending will shock u…there will be another 1 after this..the way i would write it..

  • Dee87

    If Michael isn’t in the next one, showing more of his abilities as the original hybrid, i’m not going to be very happy. I’ve only been waiting to see more of him since the first one, but don’t get me wrong, I like eve, but i’d just like to see them all together for more than 5 minutes in one scene.

    • germari cosby

      Michael isn’t the original hybrid. Marcus Corvinus was. Michael is the second one followed by his daughter is the 3rd

      • Arsenic_Touch

        Incorrect. Michael was the first hybrid. Marcus was the first vampire. He became a hybrid after Michael.

        • ChocolateRello


        • akamaekame

          technically, selene was the third hybrid, because she took Alexander Corvinus’ blood and became a Lycan-Corvinus strain hybrid.

          • germari cosby

            true true

          • germari cosby

            well y’all all correct in my eyes

      • Cersei425

        Marcus became a hybrid after Michael making him (Michael) the first living Hybrid if you don’t count Sonja and Lucian’s unborn child. Marcus became a Hybrid when he was inadvertently revived by the blood of the Lycan Singe after Michael was turned. Unless it was shown out of sequence. They both were made on the same night.

      • Tara Stanek

        Well technically….michael was the first “hybrid” marcus didnt become hybrid til he awakens from his coffin After the vampires kill the lycan and his blood drips down. Its just that marcus the direct descendant of Corvinus. As for micheal…..he was further down the chain.

        • Billy Collier

          No Marcus was t turned into a hybrid lycan vampire because the lycan blood drained I to his tomb, the only thing that blood did was awaken Marcus from his slumber, do lycans have bat wings? No they do not Marcus was the first true immortal vampire and since he was bitten by bat he had the capability to sprout bat wings but he wasn’t trapped in that bat form like William was trapped as a werewolf that could not transform from werewolf to human and back again which to me makes no sense that Marcus bitten by bat could look human or mor bat like at will when William was simply a mindless beast unable to transform from wolf to human form, I get that Lucian could because we was born of a human mother that was pregnant when turned or something along those lines but can’t remember off hand I do remember that Lucian was born in human for. And didn’t have the ability to shift until he had grown up a bit to a young boy??? But I haven’t watched rise of the lycans lately so I’d have to check my facts

          • Chuckie Gavile

            You have to get your facts straight before calling someone high. Look this up:
            It tells how Marcus became and showed signs of being a hybrid.

      • Billy Collier

        Dude your high, Marcus WAS NOT A HYBRID like Michael!!!! The first true immortal was Alexander Corvinus, he had two sons that were also immortal, one bitten by bat= Marcus the original vampire and one bitten by wolf = William the first werewolf, not the first lycan, Lucian was the first human/werewolf version of the Lycan, Michael Corwin was a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus which is why they were able to blend the species through him by combining lycan bite and vampire bite which made him a hybrid vampire/lycan.. And no Scott Speedman was not in the fourth movie it was another actor with a digital overlay of Speedman from the first movie… As far as the fifth movie without Selen and Michael and based solely on their daughter Eve who by the way was conceived during Evolution when they were hold up in the box container in the building when they got busy I don’t think that movie will do nearly as well as the others unless it’s by people who have never seen the other four and won’t care about Selen and Michael but as for us that have been with the movies from the beginning we want and expect it to pick up where awakening left off with them looking for Michael so I probably won’t be too interested in the fifth movie without those two characters at least part of the movie because that story needs to be finished and without that loose end tied up its screws it all up for future movies… and then came the prequal rise of the lycans without Selen or Michael but had Sonja played by Rona Mitra who was also a different actress from the original Sonja shown in the first movie during the flashback scenes so are we all now up to date and corrected on the errors and misconceptions??? Trust me I know these movies very well, and a lot of you are incorrect on your details but the point here is that Marcus was in no way a hybrid vampire/lycan which by the way Selen told Michael he was a hybrid but not a hybrid vampire lycan he was vampire and bat hybrid because he was the original immortal bitten by bat so he’s a bat vampire human hybrid if you want to be technical… End scene!!!!

        • Shane

          Wow, it’s going to be’s make believe man. I think at your age you know these movies to well.

        • Chuckie Gavile

          You’re not allowed to call him high Billy. Marcus was a vampire at first, but became a hybrid by drinking lycan blood. And if you look at his physical appearance, the transformation, it shows that he is a hybrid. Underworld wikepedia itself said that he’s a vampire-lycan hybrid. A vampire-lycan hybrid is different from a lycan-vampire hybrid. A vampire-lycan hybrid shows more characteristics of a vampire. The vampire-ness is stronger. A lycan-vampire hybrid shows more of being a lycan than a vampire. The lycan blood is stronger. Look it up instead of calling someone high:
          I though believe Michael was the first hybrid.

  • germari cosby

    the better keep Kate Beckeisale in the fifth one. Like she made all the underworld possible and without her it’s going to be kinda lame

  • Jasmine

    I have said about hundred times they better make a new one or I will scream till I spit up blood. Ya and I’m not kidding.

  • ChocolateRello

    If yall not hip, Kate & Scott was messing around an yall know she married to the director. Reason y scott wasn’t in the last one so I doubt if it ever be the same again. Shyt she even talking bout calling it quits

    • Rose

      sorry but u must be trippin’ bc she and scott weren’t “messing” around. yea she married to the director but, he made the scenes in the movies. which is the only place kate and scott were “messing” around. scott was infact in the last one. but, for only a short time. the only reason he “wasn’t” in it was bc in the beginning he was captured along with kate. eve save kate and kate saved scott. but she got back and he was gone. sorry ChocolateRello, but YOU NEED TO BRUSH UP ON UR FACTS. :/ and the only reason she might not be in the next one is bc it has focused on her, so they are trying to focus on her daughter Eve. so brush up on ur facts before u wanna say stuff like this.

      • William Talbert

        Scott was not in the last movie underworld awakening that was a another actor they digitally put Scott’s face over the other actors face, lol you might wanna get your facts straight.

        • germari cosby

          how you know William

  • Joseph

    I want Underworld: Next Generations movie action figure toys for the movie.

  • zombiespacedog

    I watch these for Kate! She better play a prominent role in the next one!! I’d like to see Selene and Michael reunited and I could care less about the “daughter”.

  • zombiespacedog

    The whole daughter thing was a mistake! We never really did get to see how Michaels powers were going to be such a big deal.

  • Linda Marie

    How can you not have Selene and Michael finally find each other. If they want to feature more heavily on the daughter…fine, but at least wrap up the story line from the last movie and I will be content. Selene going off and pining for Michael and us not realizing his full hybrid potential will see me NOT watching or buying a new movie without it included at least in a small way. Will be looking for spoiler endings if a new movie does come out. Sorry…but I don’t watch a movie unless there’s a happy ever after. I know that sounds lame and archaic to some, but this world is full of crap and I at least like my escapism to be just that. Escapism from a world with few happy endings.

  • Grizzly Bernadotte

    Linda Marie…I liked the underworld collection because, like it or not, it actually vampires that depend upon blood and are unable to consume normal food is actually real, though not common knowledge. Wolf-human Hybrid actually do exist and have not too long ago been documented by UFOlogists in the USA. Cryptology the research to unusual creatures is a very interesting world of FACT. And part of that world you are trying to escape to never has a fixed happy ending. “Mermaids – the New evidence” and the “Sasquatch Genome Research” aired October 2013 demonstrated the scientific facts behind two creatures long thought to be myth but turned out to be very hidden scientific facts. I have had an encounter with a VAMPIRE that was none homosapien human – it did bite me as I slept wild and it did feed off me. Reality is stranger than fiction.

    • Shane

      Wow, this is awesome hahaha

    • truevip

      Im not sure about vampires, at least in the immortal sense. There are definitely creatures abound that people are kept in the dark from, most from our government research projects … aliens do exist, and there’s plenty of public evidence to support that to anybody that wants to find it. There is concrete proof I could provide being I’m one of the few people on this planet that has access to the truth to specific secrets due to my security clearance, but I will leave it at that – they kill people for much less.

  • KatlynVampireAtHeart

    You cant leave the series withe Kate and Scott in Awakening. You have got to put them all together in the movie..regardless if they messed around or not, shit dont matter for the movies. Only personal issues for them.

  • Nicole Brower

    What?? No! That will leave Awakening on such a BIG cliff hanger! So, will Michael not be found, you can’t have the daughter do it alone. She might be a hybrid, too, but she’s still learning. You need Kate (Selene) to be in in.
    Besides, the movie will not be as big as the others. Without Selene and Michael together, and only Eve, it wont be good. The main reason people watch the show is because of the action in it. Without Kate, it wont be as worth it.

  • Kate is what brought me to the underworld movies. I will still follow the franchise regardless. But I would much rather see Selene for a few more movies. I think Kate Beckinsale might be the hottest woman I have ever seen! Lol! I watched a few movies that were not great just because she was in them. Haha!

  • DD

    did they not learn anything from the movie “fast and furious”?????? when old character appears again, they got HITs at the BOX OFFICE- there at 7 now.

  • lisa

    I love all the underworld movies well not rise of the lycons and I watch them for Kate I don’t care about the David character so much it is very annoying when pretty much always been about her I would rather see at least one more movie centered on her and her daughter find Michael and show how they end up and then start a new version about eve David etc but if not then they really need to not leave the big cliffhanger

    • Conway Stern

      Rise of the lycans was the best one

  • Chantel Bunting

    I love underworld, made me wait long for the 5th movie. Hoping that the two main people are in it, my girl Kate and her man is in it, plus there daughter. I think that the new movie should show how there daughter was made, people not like that lol. But that she was already with child but didn’t know it when they took them both and plus she needs to find my man with her daughter. Thats my take lol

  • truevip

    I would like to see a continuation of the last story where maybe Kate finds her husband with her daughter and David, and then they run to a perceived safe place. and since they’re “safe” meanwhile they find others that they can turn into a coven of unique immortals, but when the remnants of the old covenants and werewolves come looking for them to exact justice and return the two species to the balance they have enjoyed for millennia, etc…..

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