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‘Saints Row’ Dev Pulled The Plug On A Next-Gen Post-Apocalyptic Western

This makes me sad.

Volition, the developer that continues to bring us the amazing Saints Row series was working on a next-gen open world post-apocalyptic Western, code-named Zeus. Before you get excited, it’s been canned. The sad news comes from a GDC panel last week, where Volition senior producer Greg Donovan gave us hope before promptly ripping it from our hands.

The reasoning behind the cancellation? They wanted to be responsible.

“Right or wrong, we know we could’ve made this game,” Donovan said. “But it would’ve taken too long. It wouldn’t have been the responsible thing to do.”

I think I can speak for all of us when I say screw responsibility — I want a next-gen open world post-apocalyptic Western from the makers of Saints Row!

Sadly, it’s not happening. Pity, because I’m sure it would’ve been fantastic. At the very least, Volition is currently working on a “top secret” game that is using some of the foundation set for Zeus. Hopefully we’ll hear more about that soon.

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  • lilmarkuk

    that’s a shame I wouldn’t have minded it as long as it was not a western set years ago lol

    tbh I think they now need to ditch saints row and make a new IP

    • Adam Dodd

      Ditch Saints Row? Hold your tongue, sir! Such blasphemy won’t be tolerated here! 😉

      • lilmarkuk

        well tbh like gta they are getting boring

        and when a dev just sticks too 1 game series they end up going down hill

        they need to come up with something new

  • SlothyPunk

    Saints Row really hasn’t been all that good since they left Stilwater. I got the fourth one for PS3 and it just felt lazy. But if this canned game wasn’t so much a stupid/funny game like SR became then it might have been pretty cool. Oh well :/

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