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Metallica Stream Dio Tribute Song “Ronnie Rising”

Hard rock/metal legends Metallica have recorded a Dio medley song entitled “Ronnie Rising” for the upcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute album Ronnie James Dio: This is Your Life. The track combines four tracks: “A Light in the Black”, “Tarot Woman”, “Stargazer”, and “Kill the King”.

Drummer Lars Ulrich tells Rolling Stone that Dio’s “…music is so much a part of what’s in Metallica’s DNA, the harder, edgier, blues-based hard rock from the Seventies. It was fairly effortless to put this together, because it’s something that we were all reared on. I don’t recall sitting there in a band meeting or anything deciding what to play. Somebody starts playing ‘Stargazer’ – which is sort of just like something that’s in our arsenal to jam – and then that whole period there, ‘Tarot Woman,’ ‘Kill the King,’ ‘A Light in the Black ‘ – that’s just really effortless to jump into.

Head below to hear the band’s tribute track.

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  • Brias411

    Metallica’s music on the internet? That aint’ right. Isn’t somebody going to sue somebody?

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