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With Project Morpheus “You Can Make The Ultimate Horror Game”

That headline is a quote from Neil Druckmann, director and writer at Naughty Dog, the developer that brought us the critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us. If you missed its big reveal, Project Morpheus is the code-name for Sony’s answer to the Oculus Rift. It’s a powerful virtual reality headset that was revealed last week at GDC in San Francisco.

While brainstorming potential uses for the newly revealed tech, Druckman decided it could be used to “make the ultimate horror game.” I think he may be on to something.

Project Morpheus — or whatever the retail product ends up being called — is still a ways off. However, the Oculus Rift is slated to arrive as early as this fall. The technology is positioned to benefit us in many more ways than more immersive gaming, but as fans of a genre where immersion is a key factor in its efficacy, this tech will be hugely beneficial to the horror genre.

In fact, it’s already happening.

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