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‘Phantasm V’ Is Real, Boooooooooooyyyyyyy! (Updated)

We’ve been holding some news for the past few weeks, and unfortunately for us, our friends at AICN broke the major news.

Don Cosacrelli is back with more Tallman terror, and will have the long gestured Phantasm V: Ravager for us in the near future!

AIC shared the following teaser poster, with some official news coming in the next day or so. From what we’ve been told, Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm do return. Kat Lester also returns as the “Lady in Lavender”.

Phantasm Archives adds that David Hartman both wrote and directed Phantasm V: Ravager. Coscarelli supervises.

Something interesting of note: Dread Central has actually caught wind of this way back in June 2012 and was quickly shot down by Coscarelli. Looks like they were on to something, eh?!

Coscarelli’s 1979 Phantasm followed a young boy and his friends who must face off against a mysterious grave robber known only as the Tall Man, who keeps a mysterious arsenal of terrible weapons with him.

Watch this spot for anything confirmed and official.



  • XrabbitX

    I’m guessing all the nerds on the interview are freaking out right now 😉

  • XrabbitX

    er *internet… I can’t think today lol

  • Sick_skwerl

    Fantastic news! Straight-to-video or theatrical release?

  • iamspoonbender

    YES !!!

  • STRIK9

    This sounds awesome but,Coscarelli has to be the laziest director of all time.All his projects take forever to drop.Even with this,he could’nt find the time to write and direct it? And who is David Hartman, what films has he produced or directed? Fuck, I guess beggers can’t be choosers. Cant wait to hear when the VOD date is.

    • Chance

      Don usually does everything without a big studio machine to back him up or force his hand. In the case of Phantasm, he even finances the entire thing himself without having to bond out and they shoot on their down time with rented equipment. I’ll take years waiting for a bit of integrity.

      Besides, remember what happened the last time a big studio had their fingers in the franchise.

      • NixEclips

        Aside from cutting the blood, P2 was pretty good.

  • mfcmk1

    OMG YES!! I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming… been waiting for this for a long, long time!!

  • weresmurf

    Seriously and without disrespect, Angus Scrimm is 87 years old this year, is it logically time to recast his role just incase they commit to further movies and he… you know… passes on?

    • VampireJack

      I’d imagine that the sensible thing, which they may have done in the new movie, would be to pass on the mantle to Mike.

    • mobstar67

      my god i could not agree more…this film should of been rebooted….I think its a missed opportunity..
      and i’m saying that with all respect to the current cast..they are some of the nicest and fan friendliest guys of the horror genre..

  • j.c

    I would love to see a wide theatrical release for this but Im pretty sure that’s not gonna happen. I agree about the age factor here. None of the cast are young anymore so as much as I like the franchise, I wouldn’t be opposed to them giving it a good solid wrap-up with this installment.

  • j.c

    On a side note, if this by some miracle, did get a release,it might be the one film I would pay to see in 3-D if they went that route. Sphere’s flying out of the screen towards your face would be awesome.

    • mfcmk1

      Phantasm in 3D would be awesome if done right!

  • VampireJack


    This is Phantastic! 🙂

    That has made getting out of bed today worthwhile!

    Now all we need is to here that Raimi is gonna release AOD2 next week!

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