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Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler Shares His Top 5 Horror Movies (Exclusive)

Chicago, IL alt-rock band Chevelle are gearing up for the release of their new album La Gárgola, which comes out this Tuesday, April 1st. It is said that this album is “…largely inspired by horror film aesthetics (“The Walking Dead,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Friday The 13th”)“, which sounds pretty badass to me! It’s the band’s first release since 2011’s Hats Off To The Bull and you can actually stream it on iTunes Radio!

But what draws us here is that guitarist/vocalist Pete Loeffler wanted to share his love of horror with you, the Bloody-Disgusting audience! Below you’ll find Loeffler’s Top 5 Horror Movies, which features a few of classics and a couple of fan favorites! Check it out!

Make sure to pre-order La Gárgola on iTunes or Amazon.

1. Rosemary’s Baby
First off I really dig Roman Polanski’s style. It’s sorta dry and uneventful but full of creepy characters nonetheless. I saw part of this when I was a kid and wanted to revisit. I love how this movie builds and doesn’t give away too much as you wonder “what the hell?” Is she going crazy or is there really something sinister going on, similar to how I feel a great song can be with a great reveal or release at the end.

2. Rammbock
I love zombie flicks and have been into “The Walking Dead” lately so I looked around for a few flicks I haven’t seen and found this little gem. It did not disappoint. Set in Berlin, Germany and with subtitles, these are some really pissed off zombies. The old lady with clouded eyes is the best. That old bat gave me some inspiration for a new song called “The Damned.”

3. The Thing (1982)
Set in the Antarctic with a shape shifting alien taking over and killing dogs and people. This movie is like one long nightmare for me. Damn is it rip roaring gory! Kurt Russell with a blow torch melting shit doesn’t suck either. This is such a dark themed movie that definitely had its effects on me while writing “La Gargola” our current album.

4. Friday the 13th
IFC was having a marathon and I just got pulled into watching 4 in a row one night. Funny but these were terrifying when I was a kid. Such a simple concept that’s so effective. Kids at camp having sex and being stalked then taken out one gory way after another. Perfectly horrifying entertainment. This album has that sorta up and down, roller coaster, edge of your seat feel that I’ve grown to love. I’ve heard watching horror movies described as riding a roller coaster, which my dark twisted side can easily identify with.

5. The Cell
This is a killer psychological thriller that at times gets shockingly twisted. Just the art direction and unique style alone make this movie worth giving a look. When “The Cell” was made it was a really transitional time for special effects and I found myself watching a lot of scenes that I didn’t even know were possible. As for the main character psycho killer ”Vincent D’Onofrio”, talk about “residual self image.” I actually wear that outfit to bed sometimes, horns and all!

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