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Trailer for Chilean Neo-Giallo ‘Damned Love’

Chilean filmmaker Gonzalo Badilla has given Bloody a teaser trailer for Maldito Amor (Damned Love), which is said to combine the romantic comedy aspects with the classics 70’s giallo and the 80’s slashers.

We’re paying several homages with this movie to the classic ones, even our killer looks just like the Blood and Black Lace killer from the great Mario Bava,” explains Badilla, “and for the music we’re doing an alliance with the greek group Vercetti Technicolor for the soundtrack (they’re specialized in horror disco).

Directed by the Badilla Brothers (Gonzalo y Sebastián Badilla), here’s the official plot crunch: “A group of school teenagers get their prom night gets ruined by the assassination of their teacher Marion who got brutally murdered just 2 days before the big event by a faceless maniac. This will ruin the plans of Arturo (Sebastián Badilla) who was waiting for that exact moment to declare himself to the girl of his dreams, María Elena (Trinidad de la Noi), who just suddenly started a relationship with a mysterious magician called Tatán (Nicolás Luisetti). Arturo will start a friendship with Beatriz, the most popular girl in school to get María Elena jealous, what Arturo doesn’t know is that the faceless maniac has more deaths in its way between these kids school partners, and that he and Beatriz will have to begin solving the mysteries for all the wrong reasons, and in the meantime, also, try to survive from the hands of the killer.

Watch for more as it comes in.



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