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[Crowd Source This] The History of Movie Websites Will Be Told!



I find written history so interesting because people don’t realize that what you’re learning had to come from someone’s personal perspective. This means that, while the historical events actually took place, the stories behind them are probably skewed.

This is why I always felt it important to document the history of the pioneering movie websites before their stories became lore, or misinterpreted by someone in the future. To document the events that occurred – from 1999 to the present – by the actual participants, I find, is incredibly important.

Thanks to Geoff Todd and H. Perry Horton, such a history will be cemented with Beard-Os and Badasses: The Punks Who Took Film News Underground, a new documentary film project that has exploded onto Kickstarter.

In 1995 when Patrick Sauriol flipped the switch on his film news website Corona Coming Attractions, it changed everything. No longer was film reporting and criticism, in the exclusive hands of the few, privileged elite. For the first time, fans and enthusiasts threw their keyboards in the ring, and a revolution was launched.

Beard-Os and Badasses, the feature length debut from Geoff Todd and H. Perry Horton, will be an in-depth look at “The Punks” who took control of an out of control and outdated mechanism. There were false starts, missteps, and plenty of controversy, but a revolution was launched that changed the entire landscape of American film journalism and criticism.

Bloody-Disgusting.com will be featured as one of the founding fathers, having been established back in January of 2001. It’s going to be pretty surreal to talk about our massive community on camera, and lock our eternal gratitude to you dear readers onto film!

Join the Revolution on Kickstarter, already in progress! Also follow Twitter, Facebook and the official website for more updates and ways to help!


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