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[BD Review] Get Zane-y With the Greek Zombie Apocalypse Comedy ‘Evil In the Time of Heroes’



After percolating for four years, the Greek zombie apocalypse comedy Evil In the Time of Heroes has hit the U.S. VOD circuit, courtesy of Doppelganger Releasing. If you like absolutely ridiculous films that shrug off any narrative expectations in favor of complete mayhem, then you’re in luck! Director Yorgos Noussias has crafted a gleefully excessive bloodbath that’s consistently entertaining, though not without its share of flaws. Overall it’s a great party movie.

Billy Zane stars (kind of) as a time traveling prophet who can move really fast and has cool knives. We first meet him in a flashback to ancient Greece, where a bunch of dead soldiers rise from the grave. I literally got done watching the film about 10 minutes ago and I can’t remember if he had any lines. It’s suggested that he’s supposed to be important to the battle against the undead but besides being real good at killing them, I’m not sure how. It’s Billy Zane though, so fuck it. If you can’t have fun watching B-Zane tear through a zombie horde, check your pulse.

When Brad reviewed this film 1,000 years ago, he mentioned a part where a “black and white Billy Zane head spins across the screen for an entire minute.” I can now confirm that this does in fact happen and it was my favorite part of the movie. It would be the best screensaver of all time. I also enjoyed the part where the camera pans down a zombie infested street and a dozen Zanes zip around cutting them to ribbons. Zane really mugs it up during that part.

The Billy Zane parts take place mainly in the past, with the ancient events paralleling the present, where in Athens the population has been nearly wiped out by a zombie outbreak. A ragtag group of survivors bands together to try and get out of the city alive. Neither of the story lines are really explained nor does it really matter. Noussias is more interested in showing you his next ridiculous set piece rather than spend time with any character development.

The two stories eventually collide when B-Zane transports to the present and resurrects a taxi driver who’s destiny it is to stop the zombies. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. And the taxi driver is an immortal (I think). Don’t stress over exposition though because Evil In the Time of Heroes shouldn’t be taken more seriously than a Looney Tunes cartoon. It’s clear that Noussias is out for a good time and didn’t sweat the small stuff like structure or story. The climax is a goddamn marvel too that literally takes the film into orbit.

If you’re looking for a fun movie to rent with some friends, Evil In the Time of Heroes is a good choice. I’d also recommend drinking booze while watching. Booze would help.


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