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Why Are All These Horror Characters Laughing? (Random Cool)

They say laughter is the best medicine but whoever said that might very well change their mind if they saw one iconic horror character after another giggling and guffawing maniacally at them right before they got offed. And that’s what the video below is, just a collection of villains (and Ash) laughing hysterically.

While videos of people laughing is usually a good way to cheer myself up, this makes me wonder if I’m about to be horribly, brutally murdered in some admittedly creative and badass way.



  • Sick_skwerl


    • JonathanBarkan


  • dosgtr

    It represents the descent into madness. Any decent Literary course should have covered that, it is a very common theme. Beyond that a human defense mechanism is to laugh as a cry for help. When tickled we don’t laugh because we enjoy it we do so to ask for help. I personally have been in a situation where I was so scared I started laughing and then started crying after My car was hit 3 times by an 18 wheeler. I survived and thats when the laughing started your body just is so confused it cries for help in every way it can, laughing crying screaming, it depends on the person and situation. There is your Lesson in Fear Response. You can look up everything I just posted easily on google.

    • JonathanBarkan

      I’m aware of that. I just wanted to toss in a fun headline.

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