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Vinnie Jones and Danny Trejo Fear the ‘Reaper’

Highland Film Group has set Philip Shih to direct Reaper, a new indie production penned by Frederick Cipoletti.

Midnight Meat Train‘s Vinnie Jones, pictured above, and Machete‘s Danny Trejo, below, star in the film, now in post.

When a young and attractive hitchhiker stumbles into a mysterious town with a dangerous serial killer on the loose, she is forced to team up with a group of intimidating drifters and criminals (Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones) in order to survive and defeat the “Reaper”.



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  • high-rise-rat

    A young and attractive hitchhiker eh? I guess an old fuck ugly hitchhiker wont sell dvd’s. I do enjoy watching trejo and vinnie jones in anything though(except that latest machete movie, what the fuck was that about, was it a spoof? Fucked if I know). This film sounds like a rental with a few cans of special brew. Oh yeah and a young and attractive hitchhiker. Nice.

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