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[TV] Inside “The Walking Dead” Finale; Talk About it Here!

Well, season 4 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has come to an end, and from what Twitter is saying, it was a disappointing trip to Terminus. While I can’t inject my own thoughts, I am curious to see if the show is still got you guys dripping in excitement from week to week. Did the finale live up to the hype for you? Are you officially ready for October’s season 5 return?

While you guys chat it up below, we’ve got a series of behind-the-scenes looks at tonight’s finale, as well as a video featuring the cast and crew looking ahead to the fifth season.



  • Polsdofer

    Wow. Such an incredible episode. I think it might be my new all time favorite episode of The Walking Dead.

  • Nyghtfall

    While I’m curious about what’s in store for season 5, AMC could cancel it now and I wouldn’t miss it. I’m too afraid Terminus will become a variation of the struggle between Rick and the governor.

    We’ve watched four seasons worth of various groups of people simply trying to survive the apocalypse. Civilization has gone to hell. I get it. I understand. Now I’m hungry for a fresh, new development to expand the overall story, and start bringing the series to a close. The DC arc introduced a few episodes ago was the first time I actually sat up and leaned forward during an episode in I don’t know how long. I would love to see more on that.

    • Voorhees83

      I’m pretty sure the twist on Terminus is that they are cannibals. Much different then the Governor battle. I’m just disappointed that the truth of Terminus is delayed. Pretty much a lame ending. I was expecting so much more out of the finale and I could have done without those flashbacks as well.

    • K-Dogg

      I completely agree Nightfall….and what a brutal line by Rick at the end, please give us something good next season, instead of Woodbury 2.0. Yes I get it, we will get the cannibal storyline now, but otherwise, we’ve seen this before, and I want something fresh. And by ” let’s Check this place out before we go in”, Rick meant that then means walk in through the first door we find, that’s pretty fucking stupid to me.

  • Your-Dead-Carcass

    These are definitely the Cannibals. While Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl were running through the shootout in Terminus there was a scene with a cage full of skinned meaty bodies and bones laying on tarp. These Cannibals are probably ritually sacrificing their victims before cooking and eating parts of them.

    • Voorhees83

      Yeah, I honestly am pretty damn sure myself that they are cannibals, but still the actual truth behind that is delayed. I wish the episode would have left us with a bloody meat plate instead of Rick saying a cheesy line.

    • Darkness69

      I agree – also, before Rick entered the wagon, there was a shot with empty milk cartons tossed on the left. Is that a clue as to what happened to the Judith gang? Damn!

      • Voorhees83

        I’m pretty sure that was not for the Judith gang as they have not reached Terminus. Instead, the powdered milk is used to keep the protein and nutrients up in the group so they can stay alive and be feasted upon by cannibals later.

  • ThunderDragoon

    It was neither disappointing nor exciting. I’m fine with the way the season ended. I think I’m just happy Michonne is still alive, to be honest. Sucks that we have to wait until October to see what happens, though.

  • polock91

    The last 2 seasons of this series has been pretty much the same in anticipation, for me. The first half starts somewhat well, but kinda dies down. Then, the midseason finale brings it back up, but it doesn’t get exciting again until the season finale.

    My biggest complaint with this series (and from what I can tell, many agree) is its dialogue. It’s fucking terrible. I’m certain the only reason this show is still entertaining is because it can still follow the comics once it starts getting boring.

    Who knows, maybe they’ll fire Scott Gimple and his band of writers by the time October comes around. It just wouldn’t be a new season if we didn’t have an entire new writing team.

    • weresmurf

      Christ I hope not. Scott Gimple single handedly resurrected this show after Mazzara trashed it to hell with seasons 2 and 3. Season 4 has been more or less lifted directly from the comics save a few things changed around. I can’t wait for season 5!

  • WolfQueen

    The finale was extremely disappointing, in my opinion. I’m getting the backlash of “you just don’t get the show”. Trust me, I get the show just fine, but this episode was pathetic. The strongest episode of the season was “The Grove”, not the finale. Just like last season, it was one of the episodes BEFORE the finale. Last night’s episode just seemed like a cheap cop out to me.

    • Voorhees83

      As someone who defended the show all they way through because I do get it, I’m letting my guard down after the finale last night. They didn’t need to tie up all loose ends, but should have ended on a more interesting note.

      Things I would have changed.

      1. While the Rick, Carl, Michone fight vs gang was very suspenseful, our group coincidentally left unharmed. If you want to keep all characters alive after that, at least get rid of a limb.

      2. Flashbacks were boring and could have used that 10 mins for more Terminus build up.

      3. Rick’s line at the end was very cheesy. Either change it to an F bomb or completely change the ending. I was hoping they would chow down on some human meat with big bloody smiles on their faces, but that twist was thrown away now that they don’t trust Terminus.

      4. Oh, and it looks like we have hipster cannibals at Terminus. The guy who attempted to rape Carl would have been the perfect cannibal, but nope.

      • woodchuck

        I think the fact that they looked like “hipster cannibals” makes them sinister. It’d be to gimmicky to have typical redneck-cannibal types

        • weresmurf

          Indeed, too easy to look at a hillbilly and think ‘Yep cannibal’. But that clean cut, nice homely looking person? Nope…

          • Voorhees83

            Think about what a cannibal would look like in real life. Would he be a clean cut and in shape dude or would he have some ugliness and pounds to him from eating all that meat?

            Sometimes you need the typical character. There’s a reason movies and television made them look that way. Not everything has to be different just to be different.

  • woodchuck

    All in all, great episode but stupid season finale, I hate the build up to a cliff hanger with no real action at Terminus and now we have 7 months to wait, kind of a cop-out

    • polock91

      Definitely. In one of the videos above, one of the Exec. Producers talked about how happy she was to do a cliffhanger. I don’t get why, though. No one I’ve ever spoken to about any series, EVER, likes cliffhangers at the end of a season. I get doing it between episodes of a season, but as a season finale? It’s just a shitty ploy to make viewers who have been losing interest wait to see how it plays out. If the resolution ends up being a cop out, it’ll probably be a “last straw” for a lot of fans.

      • weresmurf

        Because it makes you come back for the next season to get the resolution… there’s no big secret to why they do it.

      • Voorhees83

        I get the point of a cliffhanger, but the cliffhanger in the finale wasn’t exactly executed right.

  • mobstar67

    No complaints here on the series finale of The Walking Dead…
    maybe one area that could of been changed was the flashbacks… there was not much anything new going on there except they found a way to bring Scott Wilson back for one more episode..that time could of been better served for Terminus…
    As far as the cannibals if they would of made the leather clad biker looking assholes the flesh eaters that would of been extremely predictable and cliche… so I’d probably rather see the hipster looking jerk offs the cannibals..
    those guys reminded me of the satanic band that sacrificed Megan Fox in “Jennifers Body”…
    My only fear is that there gonna spend the first half of the next season locked in a box car…

  • Taboo

    I actually liked how it ended. Waaay better than Season 3’s finale.

  • Nymfomania

    i agree, i liked it. I need to sit down and watch the past episodes again.

  • ChernSH

    I’m not too sure how I feel about the finale. To be honest, I’m tired of the “fight against humans” storylines. For a show about the zombie apocalypse, there’s a lack of zombies imo. It would be great if Terminus was FINALLY a stable community with no ill intentions towards Rick’s group, and next season have a massive herd of zombies be the season 5 finale threat. Just my thoughts/ideas because it would be really nice to get back to zombies for a while. I totally understand why there’s so much focus on characters and the morals/ethics etc. It would just be nice to have that change of pace.

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