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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Helps Three Actors Become More Regular

Season 4 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” wrapped up last night and the money train just keeps on rolling right into Season 5. That guy Gareth (Andrew J. West; pictured above) from Terminus will be sticking around so AMC has bumped him up to series regular, per Deadline. Also getting promotions are Alanna Masterson (former Governor acolyte/current Terminus resident Tara) and Christian Serratos (who plays Rosita).

I keep waiting on the announcement that the show will have a musical episode. How was this Season for you guys? I only have so much TV time and I kinda like to use it for some other horror shows but if “The Walking Dead” is getting Season 1 good again let me know.



  • Nymfomania

    I thought it was a good episode, i enjoyed seeing Rick go badass again and take control.

  • Polsdofer

    The show has been great since the beginning in my opinion and i know that Scott Gimple is determined to keep aspects of the show as close to comics as possible.

  • Evan3

    @Evandickson – This season was Season 1 good again. Its the first time this show has been better than AHS. I’d even say it was the best season they’ve had, period.

    • Voorhees83

      The 3 returning roles isn’t really news. We all knew they’d be back for another season. Some characters longer then others.

      Even though I enjoyed season 1 just as much as any other season, I’d like to know why people think it’s the best season. It has just as much dialogue as any other. Often slow at times just like all the others and not to mention it was cut in half at only 8 episodes compared to the regular 16 now.

      It’s hard to say whether I’d recommend watching again to a non-Walking Dead watcher when I’ve always been a fan myself. Was it a super action packed season with a fantastic finale? No, it was not. Should you watch because the build up to next season is gonna be great? Yes, you should.

      • PedJun

        Hi there!
        The first season only had six episodes. Not eight. It was more like a test to see if it would be well accepted by the audiences. It did…

        Now, I loved this last season: intense, fast-paced most of the times and with some twists, taking the challenge to develop the characters. It’s fair to say that we now understand and know the motivations and thoughts of most of the main characters. And that’s was one of the criticisms being made to the series.
        Some others are saying it lacks zombies. Well, who are the Walking Dead? lol

        And to those who say ‘meh, it has no gore’ or ‘no emotions’, tell me when was the last time you saw someone’s guts being cut open in front of a kid in TV?

        • Voorhees83

          I stand corrected. 6 episodes. Even more of a reason to ask why people think the first season was the best. It was cut in half and then some. Test or not.

          I think the show actually does have it’s fair share of gore. I’ve seen plenty of zombies get their heads bashed in. Plenty of zombies too. I think most people’s problems with the show are not enough action.

    • djblack1313

      Evan3, i agree w/ you! season 1 and season 4 are very good!

      • Evan3

        @djblack1313, Finally! We agree.


        Just because something is six episodes long doesn’t make it not good. Plenty of short formats and one-shots are great. I think people like it because it is easily one of the best directed stretches (thanks Darabont!), introduced us to Merle, and because of only having six episodes, the season didn’t have the pacing problems the series later became well-known for. Also, it seems Walking Dead is bound and determined to have at least one really obnoxious character (this season, those two messed up girls, and Carol a little bit). That just didn’t happen in season 1.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That man is hot. Just had to say it. Carry on lol.

    • Taboo


    • djblack1313

      ThunderGragoon, SO TRUE! the man is gorgeous!

  • H666

    season 1 was the worst season in my opinion – the gangsters looking after OAPs, the CDC eps – just cheesy. season 4’s ‘The Grove’ with Carol and Tyreese was perhaps the most powerful episode of WD yet

  • Valostar

    Season 4 has easily been the best season of the show. I’d probably rank the seasons 4,1,3,2. Just a perfect blend of action, drama, and character development. As a comic reader I really felt like this season was a strong callback to them, with many scenes being direct adaptations right from the pages. I really hope Scott Gimple is in for the long run, because he has done incredible things with the series,and if this season is any indication of the quality moving forward, then we’re in for a great time.

  • Jasonicus

    It was a good season. I liked the finale and the 1st half of next season is gong to be bloody I bet.

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