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‘The Legend of Hell House’ Is On Netflix!

Those of you who follow Bloody Disgusting regularly know that John Hough’s 1973 The Legend of Hell House is one of my favorite horror films.

I’ve pushed it on you many of times, but now you have no excuse to evade it – it’s on Netflix Instant.

Starring Roddy McDowall, Gayle Hunnicutt and Pamela Franklin, “A team of paranormal investigators spends a dangerous week inside a haunted mansion to either prove or decisively debunk the existence of spirits.



  • Junebuggy

    Oh my gosh, I think this is the movie I stumbled upon back when I was in high school and it scared the crap out of me! Didn’t know the name of it so I could never find it. Thank you, thank you!

  • Bryno

    The book is one of the best horror novels I’ve ever read.

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