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Cinedigm Lets Sasha Grey Climb In Through Some ‘Open Windows’

Nacho Vigalondo (director of Extraterrestrial and Timecrimes) made a bit of a splash at this year’s SXSW when he debuted Open Windows, his innovative and high-tech suspense thriller that unfolds on the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet. Now he’s getting distro!

Per Deadline, Cinedigm has just acquired U.S. distribution rights to the film and will be releasing the film in the late summer or early fall of 2014. No word on what kind of release this is, but I imagine it’s one of those limited theatrical/VOD numbers.

Starring Elijah Wood (Maniac) and Sasha Grey, “Wood stars as a fanboy of actress Jill Goddard (Grey), and as the winner of an online contest he gets the rare chance to have dinner with her. However, when dinner plans are cancelled someone named Chord says he can make up for it. Chord gives Nick (Wood) the tools to spy on Jill from his computer, in a way that no fan could ever dream of. After each demand Chord gives Nick, it becomes apparent that Chord set the whole thing up and Nick is a part of a much bigger, more sinister plan.



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