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Get Wasted With This ‘Sally Of The Wasteland’ Trailer

The grindhouse trend is spreading fast in the comic world, and Titan Comics is jumping on board with a new title, “Sally Of The Wasteland”. The book, written by Victor Grishler, with art from Tazzio Bettin, follows the red hot Sally and her shotgun as they duke it out with mutant monsters. Look for “Sally Of The Wasteland” #1 in shops on July 30, 2014.

I’m happy to see this grindhouse aesthetic making its way into comics. The medium naturally supports the ridiculous, self-reflexive low-brow nature of the genre and I see potential for great stories. Hopefully this one doesn’t become a tired trend. Check out the full trailer and preview art.

From the press release:

Southern Louisiana, 82 years after the Fall. The apocalypse has come and gone, leaving behind a withered, ravaged landscape of wreckage and mutant crawfish. Still, you gotta laugh, and Sally does, often using her beloved shotgun, Bertha, as the punchline!

Inspired more by lust than common sense, and by a teenage desire to protect Tommy, the object of her desires, Sally leaves her bar job and joins the deranged crew of the Mississippi Duchess on a mission into the remains of New Orleans.

Saving the remains of civilisation plays second best to keeping her sweetheart safe as our smart and sexy princess of the wild frontier runs a gauntlet of gigantic genetic freaks and roving gangs of blood-hungry barbarians!

The ever-so-cute but ever-so-slightly-insane Sally is the wayward daughter of writer Victor Grishler (X-Men, Angel & Faith, Noir) and artistic up-and-comer Tazzio Bettin. This first issue in a fantastic new series proves Armageddon can be fun!

SALLY OF THE WASTELAND #1 comes with a 1:10 order incentive variant cover by TIM SEELEY!

SALLY OF THE WASTELAND #1 hits stores on July 30, 2014.
Retailers can order from the April edition of PREVIEWS – order code: APR141391



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