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Anchor Bay Acquires ‘The Dead 2: India’

Anchor Bay Films has picked up The Dead 2: India, Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford’s follow-up to their 2010 zombie horror film The Dead, reports Heat Vision.

The company has acquired the theatrical, home entertainment, digital and VOD rights for the U.S. and Canada.

The first movie, also released by Anchor Bay, was the first horror film entirely filmed in Africa. The new one, as the title suggests, moves one continent over and stars Joseph Millson (Casino Royale).

The story is set in motion when a ship from Somalia docks in India and an infected worker enters the overpopulated country. An American engineer (Millson) has to travel 300 miles across the Rajasthan, known as The Land of the Kings, to save his love, who is pregnant and afraid as Mumbai descends into chaos.

The movie, which was shot entirely in India, will be released this fall.



  • Taboo

    I watches the first one and thought it was pretty good. This one doesn’t look so bad.

    • bethalane

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  • diapers

    Unlike the first one (which I quite liked), it appears we get a bit more back story on the plague. Cool.

  • djblack1313

    FINALLY! i’ve been very much looking forward to this movie. does anyone know what takes/took this so long to be picked up by someone?

  • Mr.Mirage

    I fell in love with the first of this series. I am hoping this is going all the way around the world. Brazil? China? Japan?

    • Mr.Mirage

      Oh, and I, too, keep a paraglider ready in the event of zombie apocalypse. Doesn’t everyone?

    • huntermc

      Yes, hopefully they will continue the theme of “white guy in a third world country overrun by zombies.”

  • mobstar67

    I really liked The Dead and thought it to be a solid film.. As much as I’m ready to see what they got going in India i was hoping to see what the guy and the little kid were gonna do from the ending of the first film..I guess its a new saga.. bummer

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