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Rescue Your Brother From Ice Monsters In ‘Qalupalik’

You know what? I can’t think of a single horror game that draws inspiration from Inuit mythology. That’s crazy, and it’s an issue that the upcoming survival horror game Qalupalik aims to remedy. The game takes a page from the legend of the same name, which sounds like it started out as a way to scare kids enough to keep them from falling into the icy water. According to the myth, if you come too close to the water’s edge, a Qalupalik will drag you into the depths to do whatever it is ice water monsters do with children.

The game aims to bring this legend to life, albeit virtually, as it tasks players with rescuing a sibling who has been kidnapped by the Qalupalik. Read on for some creepy concept art.

The game is currently in development with support for the Oculus Rift and is slated for a release in late 2015.

Qalupalik isn’t slated to release until late 2015, so it’s a ways off. It’s a good thing we have plenty exciting horror games to look forward to in the meantime.

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  • The-magical-wishing-ghost

    not sure why but I feel this is necessary

    sounds like a very cool and interesting concept
    can’t wait to see more from this game 😉

    • bethalane

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  • Pav

    I think this brings fresh air to horror games genre: using almost unknown tribal mythology and legends as a story background instead of another zombie apocalypse, slenderman hordes or Resident Evil 4…

    • Pav

      Btw: RE4 news:
      -Capcom is hard working on ResidentEvil 4 world domination!
      -It’s coming to XBOX 1. So will be on PS4 and WiiU too.
      -Next step is to release exclusive edition of iResidentEvil4 for all Apple platforms.
      – Final step is to spread RE4 disease to all existing operating systems. Full list has leaked here:

  • Guyuk666

    This so fucking awesome! I am an Inuvialuk from up north Canada (NOT Edmonton, everyone thinks that is the north for some reason) and I am stoked for this, for me it was Geekee (spelled it this wa so people can say it correct, lol), which means monster or ghost but a spirit named Qautouq, and it’s scary as fuckin shit the stories we grew up with. Which made me think it would be scary as shit to get these into games since Silent Hill and such are now dragging and the indie scene is kicking their arses. But I am a Siglit Inupiat (We don’t call each other tribes, those are indians and other statuses, kind of annoying to us, haha, just saying though). But this news is one of the best news personally for me to see on Bloody Disgusting!!! Can’t wait!

    • Guyuk666

      Btw my name is a swear word in my language (Goo-Yuck which means FUCK for anyone who wanted to know hahaha) But I am from up north Northwest Territories and showing some fucking love to Bloody Disgusting as I have been a member for quite some time now! Just to let you guys know, there are a few of us Eskimoes who are members, haha.

      • Guyuk666

        Sorry, one more reply, but every single one of us did hear this story growing up and yes, it did scare the shit out of us. Now I get to go to the edge of the ice and replay over and over 😀 Hahaha

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