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Skrillex Gets Down And Dirty With “Ragga Bomb”

I haven’t been listening to much of Skrillex‘s Recess but I hear from a few people that it’s actually a pretty incredible album. That being said, listening to “Ragga Bomb”, which has a new video below, I can safely say that it’s probably not for me.

I enjoyed Skrillex when he was first becoming popular because it was a sound I hadn’t heard before, something unique that I jokingly referred to as “Transformers having sex”. But that sentiment wore off pretty quickly simply because it was so brash.

In any case, as I said above, there’s a new video out and it’s directed by Terence Neale who shot it in South Africa. The story follows to rival factions in a post-apocalyptic setting who battle it out with lightsabers. It’s a highly stylized video so it’s at least quite pretty to look at. Check it out down below.



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