Lions Gate Picks Up ‘The Burrowers’ and Some Gold

Not only has Lions Gate got a sweet new movie entitled The Burrowers rolling, but they’ve got one of the best up and coming directors in the industry working on the film! J.T. Petty who shocked us all with his direct to video sequel Mimic: Sentinel will be writing and directing the new horror film. Read on for full details…
Variety reports:

“J.T. Petty is writing and directing “The Burrowers” for Lions Gate Films, with Blue Star producing.

Horror film set in the Wild West is described as “Alien” meets “The Searchers,” the 1956 John Wayne Western.

Blue Star’s Jason Shuman and William Sherak produce.

Lauren Kisilevsky, who brought the project to Blue Star, will co-produce.

At Lions Gate, Peter Block and Alex Franklin are shepherding the project, which was brought to the company by John Hegeman.

“Burrowers” will be Petty’s third feature as a writer-director, following “Soft for Digging,” a Sundance cult horror pic, and “Mimic: Sentinel” for Dimension.

He’s also the writer of Tom Clancy’s vidgame “Splinter Cell” and co-wrote the “Splinter Cell” feature script that Peter Berg is directing for Paramount.

The multihyphenate also just finished writing and directing the “Batman Begins” vidgame for Electronic Arts and Warner Bros.

Blue Star is about to go into production on Revolution’s “Mr. Lucky,” starring Cedric the Entertainer, and “Scarecrow,” a horror pic set up with Mandate Pictures.

Source: Variety